Sunday, August 15, 2010


I'm a strange vacationer. I look forward to going away because I long for a break from my usual routines, and I love exposing my kids to new things and experiences. Those are the plus sides. The down sides are that I'm not always in control of schedules, and meal times, and activities, because on vacation those things become fluid and change easily from day to day.

I have to learn to relax into change. This is another area where I can see myself in my son. He fears what he can't see coming, and to some degree I'm the same. As I get older, I'm making a conscious effort to stop planning so furiously, and allow some room for spontaneity and new experiences. I need to do this for my own mental and spiritual well being, but also to blaze a trail for my kids to follow.

This type of spur-of-the-moment activity is easy for Jason, and also for Ava, but that's because their personalities are conducive to rapidly changing circumstances. They can go with the flow and try new things with very little anxiety. William and I have a lot to learn from them in this area. I am learning, very slowly, to embrace the unknown and experience adventure instead of legislating for it.

These two weeks when we are away from home is a great opportunity for William and I to practice the art of being spontaneous. We have the chance to "take it as it comes" and try not to stress about not being in control of our days. We'll have time for that in September, when life returns to normal again. For now, I'll embrace the joys inherent in not cooking for my family every night, not having to clean my house or grocery shop, and relax into two weeks of unknown adventures.

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