Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girl Power

Yesterday was our long awaited "Girl's Day" which Ava has been eagerly anticipating for most of the summer. The boys went to an indoor play structure and out to Whitespot for pirate packs, and the girls had pedicures or manicures and then a leisurely lunch at The Olive Garden.

Ava was beaming at the nail salon when she settled herself into the massage pedicure chair and gently placed her feet in the bubbling bath below her. She leaned over and whispered, "I'm so excited, Mom!" I was excited as well, to share this kind of grown up experience with her, and to giggle together as we had our toes primped and painted. She picked the nail colour, a deep rose-red, and our pedicures match, with white flowers and rhinestones to finish.

We visited in the waiting area while her Nana and Aunties got their manicures done, and I marveled again at the vibe that is present when only girls are together. It is a different kind of energy, more focused somehow on what is important to women and girls. There is a light and breezy feel, not weighed down by long political or social commentary; where celebrity gossip and fashion comments are bandied around and the laughter flows without being self conscious in any way.

We left the nail salon and went to The Olive Garden for a long, relaxed mid-afternoon lunch. We ordered fruity and fancy summery drinks, and toasted to our perfectly executed girl's day plan. We all ate too much, and finished off with pumpkin cheesecake and decaf coffee for dessert (Ava skipped the coffee part) and reveled in being females, all together at this moment in time.

Recently I notice and appreciate being a girl in a whole new way. I'm so grateful for my friends, my daughter, and my family members, for the time we can spend together, indulging ourselves in things we love and enjoy. It's an important part of life, and it connects us to our femininity when we celebrate being with other girls and women. It's a beautiful time in history to be a woman, and I want Ava to grow up knowing how hard others have fought for her to have these rights, and to be grateful for the freedom she enjoys.

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