Thursday, April 15, 2010


Last night, in that delicious moment right after you fall asleep, I jerked awake with a dream that Jason was falling out of bed and I was trying to catch him. I've been sleeping soundly lately and can't recall the last time I had a dream, so this was really strange. I sat up and reached across the bed to grab him; I was so sure he was falling away from me and I had to save him. Of course, he was sound asleep, and then I was awake for awhile.

I used my awake time to think about the fragility of marriage (light topic, I know, which is probably why it took me so long to fall back asleep). It's very easy for me to take my husband for granted. I carry along in my busy life, and assume he will be there, that our relationship will continue to grow and improve, and that we would never fall out of love with each other.

It's not a good idea to get too comfortable in any state of life. It's important to notice the people in our lives and appreciate them on a regular basis. I find when I get too settled and comfortable, I get lazy with my relationships. I begin to feel entitled to the love that I'm receiving, when in fact I must give as much as I receive, and regularly express gratitude to the people I love.

Years ago a friend lost the diamond from her engagement ring. One day, she looked down and saw her ring was empty, with 4 claws holding air. She had no idea where it fell out and never found it. Like my dream, it could've been a random event, not worthy of analysis, but my friend took it as a sign that she wasn't working on her marriage. She began to communicate differently with her husband, put more time into the relationship, and their marriage became stronger. I was inspired by her perception. What could've been a frustrating discovery about her ring became a positive impulse for change.

I know my dream was just a dream, but today I plan to appreciate my husband in a new way. How fun he is with our kids. How hard he works to support us. How good and solid and true he is. How much he makes me laugh. Sometimes, the best things in our lives become more precious and important simply by stopping to notice how wonderful they really are. Look around today and see what fills your life with joy. Take a moment to say thank you.

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