Monday, January 18, 2010

On My Own

Jason is going away today for 3 days for work. I have mixed emotions when I am on my own. I usually panic initially about not having the cavalry come home around 5:30 pm and help corral the kids into bath and bed, I worry incessantly about pipes bursting or abject mechanical failure that I'll have to somehow manage, and of course every small noise in the night causes a mild coronary. The good side involves no cooking, sole possession of the remote control (or the possibility that I'll write or read in the evening instead of watching TV), and a change of pace that can be refreshing for a few days.

As I watched the Golden Globes last night (I'm a complete awards show junkie when it comes to movies & TV) I started thinking about our celebrity-worshipping culture, and how ridiculous it is to treat celebrities as if they are different somehow from everyone else. No wonder they are so messed up as people. To be adored or detested by people you've never met is a strange phenomenon; what does it say about our North American culture that we set celebrities up to fail, and then rush to feed on them when it happens (Tiger Woods, for a very recent example). When I was a kid I dreamed of being an actress, accepting an Oscar and making my speech, and when I watched the Globes last night I felt grateful for the first time that that particular dream did not come true.

Here goes day 1 of my husbandless adventure. Here's hoping it's a good day and that everything in the house and van work like they're supposed to and the night is quiet for sleeping with no anxiety-related heart palpatations.

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