Sunday, May 1, 2011

Parallel Journeys

It's an amazing thing to share the most intimate parts of ourselves with another person, and find that our journeys are remarkably parallel at the same time. Trust is such a huge piece of any relationship puzzle, and when trust is strong, anything seems possible between two people. It connects you so that nothing feels like it could break you apart, and it serves like a bank account where you build up trust during the good times, so that the reserve will see you through the hard times.

I've recently had this experience with a friend who has shared her heart with me, and listened to me pour out mine to her, like juice from a jug, and the sense of rapport and kinship has moved me deeply. All relationships are double-edged swords, where they can heal as quickly as they can wound, but when the trust level is high, and respect is offered and received between the parties, friendship is one of the most beautiful things on earth.

It's not easy knowing who to trust. In the past, I have given my heart away too easily, and the consequences of trusting too fast can be devastating. But we can learn something from each negative experience, and be wiser for the next one. It can also go the other way, where you build up slowly to friendship with someone, and you know you can trust them with your life, and they can count on you too, and that's where the true inspiration is found.

When you are on similar journeys, both working through fresh hurts together, the friendship has the opportunity to go even deeper. The identification level is so high that it becomes like speaking a foreign language with each other where only the basest shorthand is required and you know you have been heard and understood. Being seen for who you are, and truly understood, is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other as human beings.

This friend makes me want to be a kinder and better person, because she has given me so much of herself, and withheld judgement, and offered love and support when I needed it most. Good friends inspire us with their beauty, and selflessness, and encouragement. I want to be that kind of friend, even when I stumble and fall. I want to give when I feel I have nothing left to give, because I've seen it modeled and I know it exists in this cold world. I am grateful today, for I have been blessed by my friends, and I want to give as I have received.

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