Monday, July 26, 2010

Built to Last

Yesterday we spent the day with my university buddy's wonderful family. It reminded me again of our long term plan of building a healthy family where our friends are welcomed and loved. I want my kids to grow up in a home like the one we were just in, where laughter and genuine love and affection flows in and around each person who spends any time there.

My friends's parents are two of the most generous souls I have ever met. They give of themselves and their possessions freely, to anyone who is in need. They exude fun and hospitality, breaking into impromptu dance parties while washing dishes, and hugging and kissing their grandkids at any given moment.

It was inspiring to be around them again. To be accepted and loved again, after not seeing them for so many years, and having it be just as satisfying now as it was when I was nineteen. In university, when I was broke, and in a foreign country, many miles from home, they came and took my friend and a dozen of her friends to a fancy restaurant, and not only paid for a meal for us as starving students, but encouraged us to order a fancy drink and a dessert.

This kind of luxury was foreign to me, and made a very deep impact. This family has always been that way, and I think will continue to impress the next generation with their warmth and kindness. It's good to watch this again, and be inspired to realize that we are attempting to create and build the same kind of family. Role models are important for this kind of thing. It's proof that it can be done; that outside of movies and TV shows, this kind of lovely family exists for real in this world.

Today we are heading into San Francisco to stay at our time share and enjoy a couple of days on our own. My mom told me not to call every day to check in, as it would interrupt our flow of time away, and possibly disrupt the kids as well. I find myself thinking about them once in a while, and hoping that they are having a great time. I know by Wednesday I'll be ready to embrace them again, but for now I'm going to enjoy each of these minutes away with my husband, confident in the idea that we are building a relationship that is meant to last, and grow, and flourish for the long haul, like the family we were privileged to spend time with this weekend.


  1. I bet that family thought nothing of taking you out to dinner- it probably isn't one of those memories that stick out for them. But it is for you. That just goes to show us that sometimes it is the small things that really touch people and make an impact.

    Glad your vacation is going so well! I'm sure the kiddos are just fine!

  2. You are probably right, Jan, about it meaning so much more to me than it did to them. I plan to do the same thing for my kids and their friends when they are older, because the little things really do make the biggest impact sometimes.

    Thanks for your well wishes on our trip - we are having such a great time!