Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's In Front of Me

Too often I fixate on what I have yet to accomplish or attain, and I neglect to stop and notice what is right in front of me. It's the age-old half empty vs. half full argument. Do we see what is good and beautiful, or do we see all that needs to be improved? Having a family member facing serious questions of life and death has given me a new perspective on my own life.

I look at my two children and I see that they are healthy, and growing as they should, and I try to notice all of the wonderful qualities already in them instead of focusing on the behavioural issues which require some finessing. I see my husband, and I recognize how strong and functional our relationship is, as opposed to obsessing over the little things I would prefer to change.

My friends are a huge part of my life, and they give so much to me, provided I acknowledge how blessed and grateful I am in place of worrying that I don't have enough friends or that I've ticked off a few people in the course of the last year. It's a matter of focusing on what I have instead of what I lack. It's so simple and yet so easy to overlook. I don't want to be perpetually unsatisfied in my life, always reaching for what extends beyond my grasp. Now it's time to open my eyes and actually see what is in front of me, and enjoy it fully.

I have to learn how to do this within myself. I see how far I have to go sometimes in my personal growth, and forget to measure just how far I've come already. We are all works in progress. We are never finished growing and improving, but while we are in the middle of the process, it's a beautiful thing to remove the rose coloured (or dark coloured) glasses we wear and look at our life as it really is.

What relationships are working well? Invest more time there and reap the rewards of healthy communication and a sense of peace and order. Are you healthy today? Feel the pure joy and freedom of what your good health does for you. It opens doors which have been closed to other people, and so often we fail to notice and appreciate this unbelievable gift.

I don't have to look very far to feel blessed today. Straight ahead, to my left and to my right, and even turning around to see where I've come from provides immense joy and satisfaction, as long as I am looking for it. I don't want to concentrate on what isn't working today, but instead feel the satisfaction of knowing that many things in my life are running smoothly, and soak up the joy which resides in noticing what is good, and right in front of me.

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