Saturday, September 11, 2010


Jason has been interested in politics for as long as I've known him, and probably much earlier than that. He longs to make a difference; to take a risk and be invested in his community. When we moved to our town almost four years ago, an election was taking place, but we were so green and new that we didn't get involved at all. Now, a few years later, we are thoroughly invested in our small town, and over the summer Jason began to make noises about running for town council.

At first I ignored these rumblings. He is deeply committed to his job, traveling when it's required, and already serving on a variety of charity boards. I guard his family time with great jealousy, wanting to keep him for us as much as possible, but I also recognize that we have similar personality types, and keeping busy and one step ahead of our ambition is a priority.

I recently joined the library board in our town, and I've been on the steering team for our local mothers group for three years now, and I think Jason feels it's his turn to step up and make his voice heard. He wants to serve our town, and I had to struggle to move my own selfishness out of the way, and listen to that still, small voice of God, directing us in the way we should go.

If it is functioning well, marriage is a compromise, on all sides and at all times. Jason provides financially for our family, and I have been afforded the wonderful opportunity to stay home with my preschool aged children and work into my dream job of writing professionally. In order to do this, he has worked long hours and advanced further in his career than I ever thought possible for his age. I am immensely proud of what he has given to us as his family. Now perhaps the time has come to share his gentle logic and problem-solving skills with our town.

It's going to be an interesting process. Politics is a touchy area, where people have strong opinions, and any good you are able to do is generally not enough to satisfy the public. But someone has to try, and if he feels called to serve, I am not about to stand in his way. I've worked through my reservations, to this point, and I'm able to honestly stand behind him and be supportive. It's a new road to walk, filled with challenges, and sometimes we need to step out and take a risk, whether we are completely ready or not. Now is the time, and with enthusiasm we will try together, and see where it leads us.

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